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Insane Bikini styles for men are amazing on many levels. First they are beautiful designs that can definitely hold their own against the beautiful insane bikini styles for women. Second it’s amazing that there is now such a huge selection of bikini swimwear designs for men including truly insane micro styles, cock pouch front suits, femme style pouches and truly micro front and rear cuts. There are designs for every taste from conservative styles like Speedos, and full back briefs all the way down to the smallest completely sheer micro bikinis and everything in between. Men are less shy than ever when it comes to wearing sexy swimwear styles with bikinis being some of the most exciting and popular styles you will see on the beach. They do take getting used to because they feel so small compared to baggy shorts. Some men actually say the first time wearing a bikini especially a micro bikini kind of feels like they are going nude. Still many other men find wearing spandex swimwear to be very arousing but you can take my word for it your equipment will get used to the feeling and you will not be aroused every minute you are on the beach lie the first few times out. The benefit is that everyone knows you can fill your pouch nicely.

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