Insane Bikini styles for men.

There are so many hot bikini designs on the market today for men looking to switch to fashionable swimwear. The days of wearing oversized board shorts are over. Go to any busy beach and you will now see men wearing bikinis, thongs, G-strings and micro shorts in fact some of the beaches have as many guys in bikinis as girls. Go for an insane bikini design means going micro or maybe even trying a male form design that shows off the shape and size of the penis. Some of these swimsuits are cutting edge crazy. All of the designs we talk about are extreme including bulge pouch swimsuits, micro short shorts, pouch only designs, Penis shaped swimsuits, male to female transformation swimwear designs and more.

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Insane Bikini

Wild Bikinis, Micro Thongs, Tiny G-Strings and other extreme men's swimwear designs.